Customer Comments

"...this is the nicest laundromat in BG..."


"...you have done an amazing job with all the renovations in here..."


"...this is the cleanest laundromat I have ever been in, and I've used a lot of laundromats over the years."


"I love, love, love your Express washers, they get my clothes so clean and save me so much money..."


"...I will never go to any other laundromat as long as you guys own this one!"


"Thank you so much for keeping your laundromat so clean for us..."

Express Washers

High capacity front load Express Washers by Dexter.

Welcome to Quick Clean Laundry!

     Our goal at Quick Clean Laundry is to provide Bowling Green with the nicest, cleanest, most convenient place to do your laundry. We understand everyone has more important things to do in their lives than laundry, but dirty laundry is one of the necessary evils we all have to deal with.


      We also provide forty-seven washers (47!) so you can get all your laundry done fast. We have lots of single load traditional top load washers as well as a selection of high capacity front load washers. Quick Clean Laundry is the only laundry facility in Bowling Green to offer the Dexter Express Washers! These washers spin with 200G Forces of power, what does that mean? More water is extracted from your clothes so they come out of the washer drier than when washed in a normal washer, this means it takes about half the time to dry your clothes. With our Dexter T650 Express washer combined with our highly efficient all stainless steel Dexter dryers you can wash and dry four loads of laundry in less than an hour! Try that at home...

Coin Laundry

     Quick Clean Laundry is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have lots of washers and dryers so you don't have to wait, do your laundry on your schedule in the cleanest coin laundry in BG.  More...